Last month, we had a look at how cryptocurrency is a feature of the 2018 World Cup. The other big sporting story of any summer since 1877 is Wimbledon. The tournament is about much more than just strawberries, cream, and Henman Hill – there are few other sports where the players become celebrities in quite the same way and with quite the same visibility as they do in the top levels of tennis.

That’s why the avowed enthusiasm for cryptocurrency by a major figure on the Grand Slam tennis circuit is great for its profile. Gaël Monfils has a history of crashing out of Wimbledon at the third round stage (which means by the time you’re reading this he could be putting his feet up for the rest of the fortnight), but his theatrical on-court performances nevertheless make him a globally-visible player.

Monfils and Cryptocurrency

To date, Monfils has turned his investing eye towards expensive watches, amassing a collection of over 50, and is also the judge for a prestigious watch competition. He has also made the discovery that many sportsmen and women suffer, and learned that cars aren’t a great investment, losing money on the sale of the Ferrari he bought at the age of 20.

He is now also a huge cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor, who has made “close to 75% profit” investing in Bitcoin in particular, and also in other cryptocurrencies. Stating that he finds the concept of cryptocurrency “fascinating, it’s futuristic”, Monfils is clearly looking to a future beyond tennis. At 31, he’s hardly the oldest player at the top level – Roger Federer and Serena Williams lay claim to those crowns, at 36 years old – but it’s always wise to keep an eye on the long game.

Wimbledon is a week later than usual this year, to give the players a further week of rest between Grand Slams, but his appointment as eToro’s official global brand ambassador in May of 2016 is close enough to the pinnacle of the tennis season to attract suitable attention. The platform feels that an international sportsman is the ideal ambassador to connect with novice cryptocurrency investors, and also with that crucial younger demographic.

eToro Investor Profile

Anyone who is interested in seeing how Monfils is getting on longer term can follow him through his public investor profile, which will show his investment strategies in real-time. eToro is known for being user-friendly, with a community feel, and combined with the element of safety, its association with Monfils is likely to galvanise interest in cryptocurrency throughout the tennis enthusiast community.

The sponsorship deal for Monfils won’t hurt either, covering most of his 2018 ATP appearances. His sensible investments and his desire to re-enter tennis’s top 10 earners point to a lucrative future!