The pound might not be having too good a time of it of late, but the oldest currency in the world is still going strong, despite the threatened ravages of Brexit. You might even have wondered if now is a good time to start a pension plan (or even if you’ll ever be able to retire at all!), but if you’ve got faith in cryptocurrencies as being the future of digital financial transactions and investments, then a new app might be the answer you’re looking for.

Dust is a new idea; it links your bank account to exchanges, and much like eSavings accounts that round up your purchases to the nearest pound and dump the shrapnel in a savings account, Dust will shift those pence and pounds to the purchase of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The app isn’t up and running yet, but you can request early access. You can even choose whether you want to place your cash pot entirely into Bitcoin, or whether you want to spread your investment across a wider range of cryptocurrencies. You can even pause it at any time, if you want to watch the digital currency values for a while. There isn’t currently a great deal of information on the app website, but it would imply that the minimum investment sum is £100 – a relatively small and easy sum to get to if you want to dip your toe into cryptocurrency wallets, but haven’t had a substantial amount of cash to throw at investment.

It’s not entirely unique in terms of being an investment app tool – Acorns has a wide user base in the United States, and with other apps like Moneybox getting us into the small change investment habit, Dust is likely to attract at least moderate interest for smaller investors, especially those that believe in the future of cryptocurrencies, and can’t otherwise afford even a low-risk, low-value investment. Think of apps like Dust as your childhood jam jar of coppers, if you will; when you empty them out and count them up, there’s a surprising amount of cash in there. Those small amounts can turn into substantial investments. The cautious investor might think that Bitcoin doesn’t have any further to go after this year’s incredible growth, but unit cost averaging will still make it a prudent buy for the small-sum, moderately cautious investor.

Dust is still at the stage where the Financial Conduct Authority need to put the proper checks and balances in place. As one of its founders, Jordan Fish (who also works at new digital bank, Monzo) says “you don’t want to accidentally get put in prison”. However, it’s worth signing up now to keep up with development information, as the creators will no doubt want to move quickly once the FCA have given the green light.

Investments can be a tricky area, especially if you’re looking to save for a comfortable future. However, with an app that you can pause at any time, this could be the perfect opportunity to get involved with cryptocurrencies for a relatively small sum.